About the Center


The center develops high technologies to evaluate disaster risk, such as earthquakes, tsunami and floods in regional areas, control earthquake damages of building group, raise a high accuracy tsunami warning and analyze tsunami system.

Since the center was established in June 1990, it has achieved results in research and development on disaster control of big earthquake and big tsunami in regional areas.

The re-started center (April 2000) has sealed in the local community and involved in research, educational and social activities for natural disaster control to contribute to the world as an advanced research institute specializing in earthquake, tsunami and floods. The center has organized many activities to support local disaster prevention activities and international exchange programs with researchers and students from all over the world.

Director Fumihiko Imamura [Professor]
Location Tohoku University
6-6-11 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8579
Tel & Fax +81-22-795-7525
E-mail secretary@dcrc.tohoku.ac.jp

About the Center's Logomark

Concept of DCRC's Logo

The logo has been created by playing with the 4 letters of DCRC as follow:

  1. It represents the earth with magma inside.
  2. The puzzle shows the Earth plates system.
  3. The "C2" gives an engineering look to the logo.
  4. The foot of "R" stabilizes the unstable round shape.
  5. The unique design gives the center power to be easily recognized.

About the Center

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